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What’s with the name ""?


The directory started out from a frustrated group of people trying to find fiber nearby for gamer-grade internet service, but only finding very large marketing budget national ISPs with lower quality (or no) offerings in their area.

Why does upload speed matter?


We are now living in a new era defined by remote work, zoom meetings, school at home, and an insatiable household appetite for bandwidth. Yet even paying for premium gigabit download speed, performance can still fail when it matters most. That’s because download speed is not all that important relative to other attributes of great internet: namely upload speed, latency, and packet loss variability. Download speed still matters, but other attributes matter even more.

I'm an ISP, how do I claim my profile page?


We’re working on a login for you to claim and self-service your listing. Meanwhile,

please ping us and we’ll gladly work with you on your page – free of charge.

Can I pay to promote my listing on


No. But (soon) you can invite subscribers to review your service, which can help improve your ranking.

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